Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

You obtain a medical recommendation within 5-10 minutes Online for $20. You can do this by clicking this link When checking out, Use code YCC to get your medical card for $20.

Send the email they send you to with your Valid ID. We verify you within minutes and you can order right away! 

None, yes we have absolutely no delivery charges for any order that meets the minimum order requirements. 

Depends how far you are from us.

Zone 1 = 30 to 45 mins ($60 min order)
Zone 2 = 45 min  to 1Hr ($80min order)
Zone 3 = 1hr + ($100min order)

You see the Lock symbol up on the website address bar next to Then good, You are protected! all of your info that you send us, is encrypted and secure at all times. We follow strick HIPPA Compliance 

If you sent us your Medical Recommendation and Valid ID, well then you will receive a live track GPS text when your driver is on the way to you. Then you we get a call or text when the driver is outside your door. We only carry $20 in change, if you need more, please let us know ahead of time.